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Corn Maze & Pick Your Own Pumpkins

     Winter will soon be over and signs of Spring are starting to pop up around us. Day light savings time is just around the corner.

We've been busy this winter non the less tending to our herd of cattle,making sure they were well fed and watered during the cold months. Spring calves will be coming soon, always an exciting time on the farm.

April starts crop planting with the end of May for early hay, June starts the full swing season of haying with many hands on deck to get the job done. Many of you many not know but we put away over 10,000.00 bales of square hay each season and make several hundred of the white round bales you may see in the field. Each cut involves many steps. First the hay needs to be mowed, then it needs to be tettered ( tossed by a special machine to help it dry, then it needs to be raked into windrows so the baler can then pick it up and gather it together to make it into a square bal, which tosses it into a bale basket. The basket is driven to the farm yard and unloaded by at least 5-6 people . Each basket holds about 100-120 bales that are put onto an elevator then picked up and moved by hand  to a spot in the top of the farm where it will be stacked for the fall.  Next time you drive by and see our fields just think of how many times around the field on a each piece of equipment we must go to get that job done. All in a hard days work. 

  Pumpkin seeds will be ordered soon with at least 10 different varieties for carving and eating and to use in pumpkin pies and breads etc.

We've been thinking about some new ideas for the corn maze too!  What would you like to see added? 

Grilling season is almost here for many, for us we grill all season long. So think burgers, steaks and smoking and come one down to see what we have available at the farm store.

We hope you have had a good winter and look forward to seeing you at the farm soon.




"From Farm to Table, Savor the Flavor of Real Beef"

Austin Brothers Valley Farm is passionate about producing a high quality all natural beef product.

We carry a diverse selection of beef cuts for every  family to enjoy.

Whether a beginner or gourmet cook we will help you select the right choice for you.




          The farm store is open daily but it is best to call ahead before going to the farm. Michael @  413-668-6843 or Kathy @ 413-668-6842.



Our farm store * 270 West St, Belchertown

Mc Carthy's Pub * Belchertown ( on their menu )

The Grapevine Grille * Belchertown ( on their menu )

Europa * Ludlow ( on their menu )

Sutter Meats, Butcher Shop, Northampton, Ma.

Sierra Grill * Restaurant * Northampton,Ma. ( on their menu )

The Green Bean * Restaurant* Northampton, Ma. ( on their menu )

Belchertown Farmers Market *  Sundays 10:00-2:00 June 11th -October

POP UP TENT EVENTS * 53 Mill Valley Rd. Rte 181 * Belchertown

watch for notifications on face book. We will be selling there on occassion.


Mount Holyoke College also uses our meats in preparing their meals for students.


         We are frequently asked if sides of beef are available. The answer is "yes". For more information on pricing and availability please call Michael at 413-668-6843. Also roaster pigs.



In need of Hay we also carry

Quality Horse Hay

Mulch Hay



  The way life should be...down on the farm. After a day of hustle and bustle, stop by the Austin Farm in beautiful Belchertown, MA, for a chance to relax and enjoy the fresh air and open spaces. Take the opportunity to meet us, the Austin family, while visiting our farm store where you'll find our naturally raised pastured beef.

Gift certificates are available.

Stop by for a visit!

Michael,Kathy,Bill,Roxanne and the Austin Family 

Now Accepting: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover


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